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A subreddit dedicated to the swashbuckling and action filled tabletop RPG by John Wick Presents, Chaosium Inc, and originally Alderac Entertainment.Adventures on the High Seas
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Broken things a GM should be wary of?

Sun, 08/13/2023 - 03:06

My group is thinking of getting into 7th Sea (2nd edition). I noticed there is a ton of manuals for it. Are there any player options that are significantly narratively stronger than the alternatives?

I'm thinking something along the lines of the major favours of Sanderis sorcery, which can potentially destroy entire towns (but are balanced by the corruption the player acquires and, well, by the fact that if misused such powers make you a villain).

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Travel Rules and Villain wounds?

Tue, 08/08/2023 - 10:58

Hello! Unless I missed them in the core rule book I couldn't find any rules about traveling. Both on land and on sea. What are the travel times, speed, etc?

I apologise if it's in the book. I'm running an one shot and as of now I mostly studied the nations', char creation, risk, action and drama parts. I did search for the traveling mechanics but perhaps there aren't any and I'm just thinking with a DnD mind?

And about the villain wounds:

"Once a Villain has Wounds equal to her Strength, the next single Wound she takes becomes a Dramatic Wound. So a Strength 10 Villain can take 10 Wounds, but her 11th Wound is a Dramatic Wound. When a Villain takes 4 Dramatic Wounds, she is defeated and (like a Hero) becomes Helpless. A Strength 10 Villain becomes Helpless upon taking the 44th Wound in a Scene."

As I understand it it's not a dramatic wound every other wound after the tenth but more like she takes 10 wounds, the 11th is a dramatic wound and then she starts all over again until she reaches the 11th wound again and has gathered 4 dramatic wounds?

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