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Role Playing Game by John Wick

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Expanded Ship Rules

(by Rob Donoghue)

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A Scandalous Affair

(by Thomas Harrison)

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At Sword's Point

(by Rob Wieland)

John Wick presents

What is 7th Sea?

  • History of the game

    Since its release in 1999, 7th Sea has brought thousands of fans into the world of Théah—a place very similar to our own Europe in the year 1668. Inspired by the works of Alexandre Dumas, The Princess Bride, and other novels and movies of high adventure, 7th Sea played fast and furious, emulating the pace we've come to expect from movies such as Captain Blood, The Three Musketeers, and Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • The world of Theah

    When you play 7th Sea, you’ll adventure in the world of Théah, a continent of nations inspired by 17th Century Europe. While it isn’t Europe’s twin sister, Théah still bears a distant family resemblance…And yet many new worlds also exist ready for your adventures too.
  • The Second Edition

    Fans of the 1st Edition should know that Théah is still largely as they remember it. We still have Vodacce Fate Witches and Montaigne Porte Magic, Avalon is still the Glamour Isles, but some of the other Nations have undergone very subtle changes. Plus new worlds abound too.

The Creator

John Wick Presents
Arizona (AZ)
P: (123) 456-7890

Notable Quotations

  • Who goes first in Contested Risks? Whoever has the most Raises spends the first Raise. By the way, we are re-designing contested risks in a big way. You should see something soon.

    - John Wick
  • What if a player/GM uses a rule to be a jerk?Sorry, I can’t fix that, and honestly, that’s the GM’s job. She maintains the order at the table. To quote our friend Jesse Heinig, “Best you can do is encourage desired behaviors and discourage unwanted ones.

    - John Wick
  • Will there be a guide to convert characters from original 7th Sea to the new system?Probably. If you want to play an experienced character from 1st Edition to 2nd Edition, use John’s Unofficial Conversion Rules: (1) Make the character you want to play. (2) If you have any questions, see Rule (1). .

    - John Wick
Beyond the sea
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