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New Actual Play

Reddit Feeds - 3 hours 56 min ago

So the other day, I found this!

Seems like a pretty established video cast, though this is their first shot at 7th Sea (2nd edition). Anyone else already watching/listening?

Ok, so initial thouughts, having only listened to the first half hour or so...

  • If you are looking for insights into running the game, this isn't it...yet, anyway. It'll be interesting to jump forward a few episodes and see what they are doing. They invite comments but the comments are sparse.
  • I don't recognize the homeland of ANY of these characters. I think one of them is from the Glamour Islands, but the rest? No idea. Maybe I should have listened to session zero, because it really sounds as though they just ditched the world setting. Anyway, someone needs to add this to the list of AP/Podcasts/Screencasts.


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New character sheets

Reddit Feeds - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 11:25

I couldn't find a design I liked, so I made a new thing. You are welcome to use the new thing if so inclined. :)





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A new sea shanty you could use in your 7th Sea games!

Reddit Feeds - Sun, 01/14/2018 - 21:32

This is just the world's RNG acting. I was listening to Gentle Giant and I came upon a song called Wreck, from their second album Acquiring the Taste. Check the lyrics out, they fit really well into a sea shanty. They could even be used for worldbuilding!

Here's a YouTube video with the song!

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[lfg] Looking for a experienced 7th Sea GM or Player to join a streamed game.

Reddit Feeds - Sat, 01/13/2018 - 02:45

Been trying to set up a game 7th Sea game every Tuesday morning 12am GMT until 4am GMT (For anyone in America that will be Monday) for 15 to 20 weeks. I am either looking for a experienced GM, or Player with me GM the game, I have pushed the game back by 3 to 4 weeks, so I can read as much as I can, I understand how the game works, but not 100% how to implement it. As it will be streamed on my twitch you need to have a web cam and semi decent audio.

Please DM on her


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Attending a convention over the weekend. Might run 7th Sea at a random table.

Reddit Feeds - Thu, 01/11/2018 - 15:28

So that's it. I'm attending Midwenter Games in Milwaukee this weekend and if there's an open table I might run 7th Sea. I have several adventures (some published, at least two written by myself). However, I have a shortage of sample characters. Any ideas?

One adventure takes place in Montaigne and involves the beginning of a revolution. L'Empereur establishes a national church to be contrary to the Vaticine Church and makes a corrupt porte sorcerer aristocrat the main archbishop. Gives both revolutionaries and religious heroes someone to fight. This is the one I'm working on sample characters for. Any ideas?

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Has the follow up to the Calibari Letter's been published?

Reddit Feeds - Tue, 01/09/2018 - 22:04

Hey all, just jumped into 2nd Ed and picked up the first episode of the Grand Design. I noticed that it was on a blog post from JWP in July of last year and I can't find a follow up adventure. Has it been published and I'm just missing it or are we still waiting?

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A Season Story with… more than five steps?!

Reddit Feeds - Mon, 01/08/2018 - 22:11

Ahoy mates!

I'm preparing my first serious campaign (read it as in "more than a one-session-game", I'm not despising one-session-games) and I'm facing the problem that the campaign will be long. Let me explain.

My inspiration for this campaign came from an album from a musical band. I began to work in world building, to give some characters an interesting story and to be consistent with some lyrics, and I ended up with a Villain between Epic and Mythic. Being that powerful, I thought "hey, maybe the campaign will be long".

Hence, my problem is that I feel a dichotomy with the system: I really want this campaign to be long (because I want to portrait each song), with more than five steps, but maybe the reward will be too game-breaking (considering the Heroes' personal stories). What would you suggest in this case?

Thanks in advance!

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Lyrics for the shanties?

Reddit Feeds - Fri, 01/05/2018 - 13:03

Ahoy there!

Does anyone happen to have a link for the lyrics to the sea chanties? I've found all the lyrics for the original songs they're based from but I kinda want to understand the adaptation they made for 7th sea. They're damn catchy songs too.


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The New World Map - Kuraq's Coast

Reddit Feeds - Fri, 01/05/2018 - 11:24

Here's a weird thing, that may need to be changed now that we have maps to go off of.

"The breathtaking eastern coast city of Takana"

Before getting a full map, our party was convinced that the "Eastern" port city of Takana was on the coast by the Atabean Sea when it is on the Western portion on the Black Waste Sea instead. Then to add to that:

  • Eventually, the Castillan explorer Franco Gonzalez arrived on the eastern shore of the Kuraq Empire after a harrowing crossing through the Serpent’s Sea. Many priests hailed Gonzalez as Kikinpaq returned, and installed him at the great panacas on the cliffs above Takana."*

My question is two fold:

Did they move Takana to the western side due to invasion, causing those who travel from Thea to have to pass by the Sinchi Moqo Mountains, and thus be able to keep an eye on any new invading force?

Did the Castillians instead decide to go the long way around Ussura and Cathay to get to the New World and they saw it as the East instead of the West?

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Any good hints for brand new players?

Reddit Feeds - Fri, 12/29/2017 - 14:31

Hi all,

I'm a veteran DM but have only really played DnD 3.5/pathfinder (played a lot of other systems once or twice). I recently got the 7th Sea book and am planning on running a session this weekend. I designed inserts for my screen which are basically lists of opportunities, consequences, villain and danger point rules, and monstrous/brute squad qualities. The only issue (if I can call it that) is that my players want to play eight hour sessions, so obviously I can't really plan things out in advance without blatantly railroading them.

Does anybody have any advice on how best to generate quest-like things on the fly in 7th sea? How quickly do players move through scenes? Is there something you wish you knew about how to run this game before you started running it? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hero's gunfire, dramatic wounds and normal wounds

Reddit Feeds - Mon, 12/25/2017 - 12:05

Gunshots are automatic dramatic wounds, right? (Unless gunfire from brute squads?)

Question: If you do a shot and an ability (Trigger Control) to deal wounds after, do you count before or after the dramatic wound in the wound/death spiral chart? Normally, for normal wounds you've got to fill up 4 wounds before it becomes dramatic wounds. But with gunfire, it's an automatic dramatic wound, so what happens to those wound-slots BEFORE the dramatic wound?

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Dueling against non-duelists and brute squads?

Reddit Feeds - Mon, 12/25/2017 - 02:32

How does this work, so if my rank in weaponry is 3 and I use Slash on a Strength 5 Brute Squad, I can pretty much reduce them to less than half of their initial strength?

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Reddit Feeds - Mon, 12/18/2017 - 14:52

Is anyone else running 7th Sea on Roll20?

We are taking a break for the holidays before jumping into Season 2. In the meantime, I kinda want to update my assets, maybe even add a few GM-centric macros/buttons. So I want to know what the rest of you are doing, what's working, and what cool tricks you are using.

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